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  1. Ryan Connolly
    Ryan Connolly says:

    Planning to make it to the Sunday morning event. I am a contributing writer for Petrolicious and hope to get some good shots and put together a little write up on the event. Thanks for any info!

  2. Tom Truitt
    Tom Truitt says:

    Love the sound of the F1’s on the track, to bad they sound like crap now. this sound footage reminds me of whats missing in formula 1, that and a Porsche/Audi car.

    Love your shows and my small car friends and I are excited for Waveny.

    Tom Truitt

  3. Mike Conforti
    Mike Conforti says:

    Loved today’s meeting at Waveny Park. It was a great venue, but I was very glad to hear that C&C will be in town for at least two dates next season.

    Please let us know if November 2nd is still pending or will actual take place. It happens to be the same day as the NYC Marathon and knowing if it is taking place will help with planning.


  4. Bill Clay
    Bill Clay says:

    Thank you for a wonderful show At Waveny on the 19th!! Absolutely amazing day – and already looking forward to the next one!

  5. Fran Sisca
    Fran Sisca says:

    Great event this past Sunday at Waveny. Thanks for all the effort you guys put into this. I brought my wife and 16yr old son in tow(luckily not literally)
    My son has only his learners permit to date), but he drove his car, a rather ratty but improving TR6 that has been resurrected after sitting in a field for the past 15yrs.
    He was shocked to see that his dad isn’t alone in this crazy car enthusiasts hobby. He’s learning not only how to restore a car, but also how to do so within a tight financial budget in the context of the car’s present value. So attending C&C was an enlightening and educational experience for him.
    Thanks again for a great event!
    Fran Sisca


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